Monday, December 10, 2012

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Gloss in 366 and 361

I apologize for not posting up any reviews lately. I have been caught up with work and other things in life. 

Today I am reviewing Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Gloss in 366 and 361

366 and 361

I know it is not available here in the U.A.E, but only online, so I ordered it from Facebook page of Girlie Stuff. It’s not the first time I have ordered from there. I have previously ordered by first makeup online from her and also some pretty contact lenses. Her prices are very affordable, and she aims at keeping prices low so that anyone with a low income or just pocket money expense can buy good quality products by not spending a fortune on branded products.

Moving on, she has some makeup products coming from US such as Bourjois, Wet n Wild and Rimmel; which she put it up for sale. These two cost me AED 25 each.

Both the colors are from the Pink family, with 361 being darker shade than 366. It has a clear lip gloss too, to give that shine and fuller lips.

As the name says, it lasts for good few hours. Even when it fades, it leaves a slight tint on the lips. It’s decently pigmented and feels VERY light on the lips. It’s almost like not applying anything on the lips. 

It does not transfer of cups and glasses. I should mention, that the lip color is very much dry on the lips, but the fact that they have provided a clear gloss with it, is an addition to this product. No fuss to carry a clear gloss separate. The gloss adds a shine to the lips, thus giving you those luscious fuller lips.

The 361 is a subtle magenta color with a blue under tone.

And the 366 is a light pink color. 

Pinks usually don’t suit me well, especially the lighter colors of the pink family. But the 366, is definitely my favorite.


Left to Right: 361 and 366

Left to Right: 361 and 366

- Affordable 
- Decently pigmented
- Clear lip gloss is a space saver
- Long Lasting
- Does not transfer on food and beverages
- Smooth and Creamy application
- Leave a slight tint on the lips when faded
- Feather light feeling on the lips

Not Available here. :(

I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment, since I have posted it after a very long time. You can check out Girlie Stuff on her Facebook page for unique contact lenses, makeup palettes brushes at very good price.

More posts coming up soon this weekend. 

Stay Beautiful, Stay Blessed

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